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Sunshine Bar

A sweet and tangy bright yellow sunshine of a bar. Tangy tamarind pairs nicely with anti-inflammatory turmeric and black pepper, allowing the body to fully utilize the healing properties. Unstoppable.

Green Machine

This bright green treat is a favorite of children, reminiscent of chocolate. A coconut-carob bean surprise brightens the eyes, super rich in chlorophyll to get you rooted. High in natural iodine to strengthen the thyroid and combat radiation in the atmosphere.  Oh baby.

Footsie Bar

A high energy treat to inspire a mountain climb.  We combine rich and nutty cinnamon, maca and cacao beans for twinkling toes and adrenal riches.  Sweet currant nuggets and coconut oil bring forth the juxtaposition of wonderfully smooth with occasional sweet morsels of delight. Let’s play footsie!

Irony Bar

This vibrant beet red treat is packed with iron from head to toe, keeping the oxygen flowing and the cheeks rosy.  Breathe deep.  Sweet beets, raisins and black sesame seeds pair with a gentle bitter wild Yellow Dock, working together for best absorption and smiling, laughing blood.

*Nuts are soaked and sprouted for quick energy and easy assimilation.
*Each bar is full of mineral-rich sustainably hand-harvested Celtic sea salt.

Available Online & At Farmers Markets:

Cherry Oh!

This is our kitchen sink bar, loaded with power for a high-five-slapping day. Three sprouted nuts and seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds, fill the body with healthy fats.   Antioxidant-rich cherry juice and a cannot stop blend of herbs add joy and punch. This is B Bars version of the “Everything Bagel”.  Cherry Oh and Good Day Sir and Mam!!

Belly Fire

A delectable combination of digestive system support, sure to keep things moving.  Sweet licorice root, pungent anise, rich prunes and slippery chia seeds combine together in flavorful balance.  Keep your belly warm!!

A Bit Fruity

A fruity palate complete with hibiscus flowers, currents, orange peel and oooh la la.  Let’s boost our vitamin C and arrive with cool rose cheeks in the evening howl and as the day shine.

Galaxy Bar

It’s time to transport to another galaxy!  Spirit heightening sage combines with mucus fighting fenugreek, dispelling mucus from the organs. Cacao beans ignite the fire as our paths open ahead of us. The journey is on!

Boomerang Bar

Hot, spicy and warming cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, and licorice root boost the body’s circulatory system, keeping you warm season round.  Be ready for a kick, booming, like never before!

Rockopolis Bar

A strong garlic kick and local sustainably harvested propolis come together for a super anti-microbial and bacterial body surprise.  Reminds some folks of cheesy garlic bread and others of something they cannot put words to.  Expect garlic, punch and an unusually bright light.

Easy Be

Ease your nerves with lavender flowers, tingly kava kava root, and magnificent elder flower blossoms.  This will make for a surprising and soothing floral snack. Slip into something soft and comfortable.  Put your feet up!

Dream Dancer

Twirling vanilla beans, figs and Hazelnuts are sure to bring forth our love.  Damiana adds a sweet and sensual disposition and don’t be surprised if mugwort sends you straight to dream land.  Dream on!


Ask us about the rest of our seasonal collection, including:

Dandy Lion, Nuts R Nuts, Wild Donkey Kick …… and more.


Custom bars:

Have an idea of what you’d like in bar form? A special diet or a craving for something to hit the spot just right? Let us know, we will be happy to make you the batch of your dreams.


Please come visit us if you are traveling through Ann Arbor at our local Wednesday and Saturday Farmer’s Market (8am – 2pm, Kerrytown) for a rotating selection of seasonal bars and drinks, combining forces with our creative juices and our local farmers and culture. We love surprises!