Our Story

B Bars are lovingly sourced, convenient snacks that pick you up and get you feeling good.  Our tasty, live, raw food bars use the highest quality ingredients we can find.  We pair dates and nut/seed combinations with herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and a touch of celtic sea salt.  We explore healthy farms and wild countrysides to flip your somersaults and widen your smile.

Our intention is to expand people’s taste buds in creation of food that nourishes and heals.  We like to make healthy food easy, tasty, playful and fun.  Savor each bite as a slow explosion of flavors hit your lips.

With Love, B Bars!

Be Alive!!!

Raw. Sprouted. Alive. Tasty. Playful Treats. Moist. Soaked. Enzyme-active. Easily digestible. No added sugars, GMO’s, preservatives or artificial anything. Check out our “suppliers” page for more info.